Biodegradable. For Good.

 We Believe.

Too many shoes end up in landfills for too long. We’re not good with that.
That’s why we’re developing a biodegradable shoe with two goals in mind. To experiment with sustainable materials that don’t come from oil. And to learn how to make shoes that will break down faster at the end of their lives. So our biodegradable shoe will be made from natural materials and renewable resources. Our goal is for it to have no plastics, no bio-plastics, and no plastic derivatives. It’s one small step towards reducing our footprint.


We have answers.

There’s a lot of noise about biodegradable products and renewable resources. So let’s clear up any questions. The FAQs below provide more information about the shoe, its materials, and more.


When is the BIODEGRADABLE COLLECTION being released?

We’re racing as fast as we can with the goal of beating our finish line of late 2020.

What kind of shoe are you making?

We are starting with a casual shoe as part of our Originals line. Our technical running shoes have specific performance requirements. We’re continuously working to find more sustainable materials that meet these high performance standards.

How is this production process different from other Saucony shoes?

The process of making this shoe will be considerably different from other modern footwear manufacturing. The production line will have fewer steps and use less electricity. In a way, we are turning the clock back on industry norms. Without the use of petroleum-based glues and threads, this shoe will be built by the same stitching processes used when we began making shoes in the late 1800’s.

What materials are being used in the BIODEGRADABLE COLLECTION?

The goal is to use natural materials such as organic cotton, Tencel™, wool and natural rubber.

What is the difference between natural and synthetic rubber?

Synthetic rubber is chemically derived from oil. Natural rubber, also known as latex, is harvested from rubber trees. The average shoe today is made from a blend of primarily synthetic rubber mixed with small amounts of natural rubber. We are aiming to use only natural rubber in this shoe.

Will the shoe be as comfortable as others that I’m used to?

Yes. We strive to provide quality and comfortable footwear in all of our product. This shoe will be good for the planet and still good for your feet.

Will the shoe be durable?

Yes. We strive to provide quality durable footwear. This shoe will maintain the high quality you expect from Saucony, but it won’t last forever. That’s the whole point.

How long will the shoe take to biodegrade?

We will communicate the biodegradability for each material of the shoe once testing is complete.

How many products from Saucony will be in the BIODEGRADABLE COLLECTION?

This is the first biodegradable product that we are developing, but will incorporate learnings into future products.

Will the packaging be biodegradable?

The shoe box will be biodegradable. We are working to eliminate unnecessary plastic throughout our packaging portfolio.

What did Saucony do with all of the shoes in the ad?

No shoes were wasted in the making of our ad. Most of the shoes were CGI. All real shoes were donated to those in need at Boston Rescue Mission.