How do I know if
I need a stability

There are a few ways to tell whether you need a neutral or stability shoe. First, you can visit your local running store and ask to have a gait analysis test, which is where you run on the treadmill while an expert examines your form. You can also ask a friend to film you running facing forward on a treadmill.

Signs that you need a stability shoe:

Your ankle rolls inward while you run

Your knees rotate excessively inward or rub while you run

The treads are more worn-down on the inside (or medial) edge than the outside (lateral) edge of the bottom of your shoes

Need help picking a stability shoe?

Our stability shoes are designed with a medial post on the inner edge of the shoe to help secure your foot. Some of our favourite stability shoes are the Omni ISO2, Hurricane 22, Guide 13 and Liberty ISO2.