Saucony originals


As part of the Run Your World campaign, we have worked with the Rig Out to create a film that explores the brand’s running heritage and place in the cultural imagination.

The project features a mixture of Jazz Original Vintage and DNX Vintage from the latest 2017 range.

“They say the older we get the narrower the road becomes, that means the choices we make and opportunities we may get become fewer and fewer. We need moments to meditate and take stock.”

The film is about the choices we make and finding the space to recognise them. That moment in your run when you glimpse the path before you and understand that what you do today will define your tomorrow. It’s about realising your dreams and seeing their potential, about aspiring for more and finding the momentum to take you there.

It starts in London before being transported to the desert, a natural place of solitude; beautiful and serene, the environment mirrors the consciousness of our runner in flow. It then crashes back to the city with long-sought answers and a renewed vision.